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CANGGU, BALI// For the Girl Who Needs a Break

I didn’t expect all the people. Or all the scooters. I spent my first hour in Bali staring wide eyed at the fact that there were more scooters than cars on the island. My van driver/hostel worker/surf instructor whisked me past malls, furniture shops, rice fields, and half constructed hotels while the scent of incense lingered in the air. He blasted surfy indie music while we headed towards my destination, Canggu. Away from the hustle and bustle of touristy Seminyak and Kuta, Canggu is a village 30 minutes south of the Denpasar Airport.

PARIS// For the Girl Who Rolls Her Eyes at Paris

I hate the Eiffel Tower. Okay, I don’t actually dislike the landmark. It’s beautiful. It’s iconic. It really does take your breath away. The environment around the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Notre Dame, and all the other well-known Paris landmarks is a different story. The throngs of tennis shoe wearing visitors. The flags of tour groups waving in the wind. The salesman pushing mini Eiffel Towers into your face while yelling, “FIVE EURO MADEMOISELLE. FIVE EURO FOR UN TOUR EIFFEL”. I mean, while I do love being called Mademoiselle, all the other elements of Paris’s tourist environment are overwhelming... and eye-roll inducing.eye-roll inducing.