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HOW TO// Have No Idea What the Heck You Are Doing

My life is very not together. I am currently on a leave of absence from my job because I’d rather be broke than asking, “Chicken or pasta?” for the 256th time on a 15-hour plane ride. I have a liberal arts degree in something I have no desire to pursue as a career. I justify spending at least two days a week sipping $4.00 drip coffee from a hip coffee shop because... money buys caffeine happiness. I have sent out multiple cover letters over the past few months and have received a depressing number of replies back. Oh, and I’m 110% single.

HOW TO// Two Tips for Going Solo

Doing things by yourself is scary. Like really scary. And yet, for some crazy reason, in the past six months, I traveled to Bali alone. I got tattoos alone. I went on romantic hikes along the California coast alone. I drank a lot of cold brew in coffee shops alone. I don't regret any of my solo outings but, did I always want to do them alone? No. Heck no. I would be lying if I said that I always had fun hanging out by myself. I usually have a 15 minute “YOU ARE DOING THIS. YOU ARE REALLY DOING THIS. STOP FREAKING OUT” pep talk before every adventure I go on.

HOW TO// Settle Into a Temporary Home

Over the past few years, I’ve moved ten times. Ten times. Earlier in the year, I relocated from Los Angeles to San Francisco and started the settling in process all over again. Moving is overwhelming and stressful but also, really really exciting.

HOW TO// Navigate Public Transit Alone

It's 9am, I'm jet lagged, and at a Tokyo metro station surrounded by a million people running in every direction. The voice over the loudspeaker is squawking in high pitched Japanese. The ticket machines won't accept my credit card. A middle-aged Japanese woman is giving my uncombed ratty hair and torn jeans the look. A couple of years ago, this would have been my worst nightmare but not anymore.

HOW TO// Find a Rad Hostel

I have a confession. I hate hotels. Well, let me rephrase that. I hate staying at hotels when traveling alone. While I love sleeping in silky sheets and having endless channels of cable TV to watch, I find hotels cold and boring. Instead, whenever I travel by myself, I stay at hostels.