The How-To Guide for the Lone Wolfette.

solo  \ˈsō-(ˌ)lē\ : a performance in which the performer has no partner or associate something undertaken or done alone.
seule \sœl\ : qui se trouve sans compagnie, séparé des autres.


Five Podcasts to Shake You Out of a Slump

Five Podcasts to Shake You Out of a Slump

It's a season of change for me. Or more like a season of really-difficult life-altering-decisions-that-I-can't-seem-to-make. Anyone else? Holy moly, it's exhausting. Whenever I'm going through this kind of period (like every other week), I chill out by listening to a podcast. I love podcasts for a number of reasons. I like that I can multitask while listening to them. I like that I can use them to meditate in a noisy hostel and/or take my mind off of ironing my favorite linen jumpsuit for the 3rd time in a day (why do I buy linen?). Here are some of my favorite episodes as of late:

If you need some inspiration: How I Built This: “Patagonia: Yvon Chouinard”

I love Patagonia. I think almost everyone on planet Earth loves the outdoor clothing brand, Patagonia. Yvon Chouinard is not your usual businessman and he likes it that way. Listening to a founder of a company talk about growth and strategy while explaining why he loves the outdoors is inspiring.

If you like investigation stories: Reply All, “Return of the Russian Passenger”

Reply All makes me laugh in public places. I’ll often be at the gym, laughing away at the podcast while increasing the incline of the treadmill. Normal behavior. This episode of Reply All's internet investigations focuses on an issue with the Uber app. Besides the story being funny, the hosts are so goofy that a story on Russian hackers is actually engaging. 

If you are single: Terrible, Thanks for Asking, “15: Forever Alone?”

As a woman who has been single for 98% of her adult life, let me tell you, it’s easy to feel alone and confused. Terrible, Thanks for Asking brings us stories of human pain and awkwardness in a super relatable way. This episode feels so approachable and thought out. You'll feel like you're sitting in on someone's coffee shop conversation.

If you’re into music: Song Exploder, Courtney Barnett- “Depreston”

Song Exploder knows music. They really know how to get an artist to talk about all the small details and tricks that go into creating a song. As a longtime Courtney Barnett fan, this episode hits a nerve and makes me truly appreciate Courtney's story-telling lyrics. Afterward, you will listen to Depreston at least five times on repeat. I promise.

If you like international stories: Rough Translation, “Austenistan” 

From NPR, international relations, culture, and people all mixed into one podcast that gives you stories you haven’t heard anywhere else. "Austenistan" relates a modern Jane Austen book club in Pakistan to formal 19th-century society. If you're like me and are interested in modern Middle Eastern culture, this one is for you. 

Photo by Jason Leem.

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